Upgrades to Increase Value

Marietta Garage Door Repair - Upgrage to increase valueIf you are interested in making upgrades to your garage door, you might want to consider upgrades that could potentially cause an increase in value. There are certain things that might add value to this part of your property, for instance, you could focus on adding curb appeal by ensuring the door is aesthetically pleasing. Just like cabinets can add appeal to a kitchen and even value, a garage door can add value to a home.

Energy Efficiency to Increase Value

Focus on energy efficiency. Newer garage doors tend to be energy efficient. If you are concerned with energy efficiency regarding your door, consider insulation and the difference it could make. The ability to keep colder temperatures and hot temperatures outside of the garage is important. When the home is able to stay at a temperature that is comfortable, it can use less energy and therefore lead to a lower electric bill. When you have an attached garage, think about energy efficiency and insulation as an upgrade to increase value. Weatherstripping is important as well when it comes to energy efficiency and keeping unwanted elements out of the garage, which can in turn add value.

Insulation Can Keep Noise Away, and Increase Value

Insulation is also a way of keeping noise away. Reducing noise coming in can make the garage a more enjoyable spot overall, whether it is a place you use for packing away items or even making repairs to vehicles and bikes. Reducing outside noise is a bonus, and can certainly be an addition to value.

Garage Doors Can Add to Curb Appeal

Since garage doors are such a large part of the exterior of a home, they can potentially add to curb appeal. Customizations can certainly play a role in adding to curb appeal. What should you focus on?

Materials Used Can Add to Value

Consider the material for your garage door. Whether your garage door is made of steel, wood, fiberglass or faux wood, you can add to it to increase value. Aluminum and glass can serve as unique materials that draw attention to a garage door. But let’s say for years you have used a certain material and do not have an interest in changing it.

Color and Style for Additional Value

You can always make changes to the color and style. Changing the color of the garage door to one that complements your home can add value. Features such as trim, pillars and stonework can be a nice addition, or window trim and light fixtures. Some of these features might depend on the material of your garage door but they are things to consider.


Increase Value Via Safety and Security Features

When you have a garage door that keeps your property as safe as possible, this can add value. With sensors, you can ensure the garage door will not close fully when something is in its path. This is important because it can keep people, pets and of course your belongings safe. You don’t want the garage door to fully close if something is in its path, as this would show that something is wrong with the garage door, therefore taking away from value. There are also codes that you can use to prevent unwanted access to your property, adding to security. Security and safety features are, undoubtedly, beneficial when it comes to your property.

Windows to Add Value

The style of your garage door should be a match for the rest of your house. Maybe you would like the look of a double hung window made of wood, or perhaps just a small window to add some more natural light into the garage. Windows can certainly add value as a home improvement measure, and they are worth looking into.

Decorative Components

You could opt for handles that are decorative or iron hinges as additions. These can be a nice addition to a garage door, and they can make it more visually appealing.

Whether you have a plan to sell your house and get it listed on the market, or you would like to increase your home’s curb appeal, consider how the garage door could play a role. Having a garage door with upgrades is smart and cost-effective. If you have a clean looking garage door with nice features, it can be inviting to potential buyers. You want the garage door to make a great first impression whether this is on your neighbors or potential homebuyers.

Fix Any Damage to Increase Value

If your garage door is not in good working condition, for instance, if it makes squeaking or grinding noises, you will want to make sure the parts do not need replacement. Damaged or worn parts can negatively impact the value of a garage door. If the garage door is not opening or closing smoothly, there could be wear and tear on parts that might require replacement. If you have components repaired or replaced as needed, you won’t have to worry about damaged parts taking away from the value of the garage door.

Materials, decorative components, repairing damage so that the garage door is working smoothly and even considering the addition of windows can add to overall value. It is a good idea to consider features that could potentially cause an increase in value. As mentioned, just like cabinets can add appeal to a kitchen and even value, a garage door can add value to a home.

Hopefully, you have found this information provided by our mobile garage door team to be beneficial. The garage door is an important part of any property and there are always things that can be done to make it even more valuable, whether that might entail adding decorative features or even weatherstripping and insulation to save on energy costs.