Garage Door Won’t Open or Close with Remote

Marietta Garage Door RepairHow long has it been since you had your garage door installed? Is it a year? A few years? Or perhaps you’re not too certain because it was there when you moved in. Well, no matter how long you have been using that garage door, you should know that your remote may give a few problems at some time or another.

Garage Doors come in all shapes and sizes. But, they are all dangerous to work with. Why, you may be wondering? Well, have you ever thought about how heavy your garage door is? It is pretty heavy. And, the bigger the door, the heavier it tends to be. It certainly may not end well if an inexperienced person tries to repair problems to that really big and heavy door. Always let the professionals handle it. After all, that’s why they are there.

Garage Door Problems

There are many things that can go wrong with your garage door. Whether the source of your problem is the remote or opener you use or parts on the garage door, there are ways to handle these problems. Unfortunately, some problems may be irreparable and you will have to purchase a new door. But, for the most part, most problems that you experience with your garage door can be repaired easily.

Don’t get it twisted! An easy repair does not necessarily mean an inexpensive one. Some garage door problems can be quite extensive and expensive to repair. But, let’s focus on the problem at hand- your garage door won’t open or close when you use the remote.

What’s causing the Problem? Do You Know?

Several things can cause your garage door remote not to work. Figuring out the exact source or cause of the problem, may take a little work. But, if you know what to check, it may not take a very long time for you to figure it out. If you’re lucky, you may be able to fix the problem yourself, but you may not be so lucky and it could cost you some money to gets your garage door remote working again.

If you notice that your remote isn’t opening or closing your garage door, here are some things that may be causing the problem.

  • The garage door is locked.

This is a common oversight. You’re trying to use the remote to open or close the garage door but you have locked it manually. We all forget things at some time or another. Just double check to make sure that your manual lock is not engaged before you start panicking. If it is engaged, there is no way that you will get your garage door to open.

  • Your remote batteries are dead.

One of the easiest and quickest fixes for a non-functional remote is the replacement of dead batteries. If you press the buttons on the remote and you do not see any light in it, chances are that the batteries are your problem. This is especially true if you are able to close or open the garage door otherwise. Try replacing those batteries and see if that does the trick. If not, you will have to move on and check something else. It also means that the problem may require professional help.

  • Your remote needs to be replaced.

Dead batteries are not the only problem that your remote may face. If you change the batteries and the remote still doesn’t work, it may mean that there is some damage to the remote. Depending on what has gone wrong, you may be able to repair that remote. But, sometimes it will be a much cheaper option to get a new remote. Whatever the case, replacing your remote may allow you to open and close your garage door again.

  • The garage door is stuck.

Okay, so you’re remote for the garage door isn’t working, but have you checked to see if the door will open or close without using that remote. If you haven’t, now is a great time to check for that. If you find that you cannot move the door, it may be because it is stuck. Check to see if there is any large object that is impeding the movement of the door. Check the tracks too. There may be some small debris or items in there that is causing it to be stuck too.

  • Your springs are broken or damaged.

The springs on a garage door are very important. If they get damaged or broken, your garage door will not be able to move. No matter how many batteries you change in that remote or how hard you press those buttons, spring damage has to be repaired before that garage door will move with any form of garage door openers. Your best bet will be to open the door manually, but this can be a very dangerous task.

How to Fix Your Garage Door Remote

Fixing your garage door remote problem is a very easy task. All you need to do is call a local garage door repair expert to handle it for you. Before you call, make sure you check for problems that you can easily handle on your own. You may not want to hire a technician to provide a service that you could have done yourself.