Fees Associated with Installing a New Garage Door Things to Consider Prior to Garage Door Installation

Marietta Garage Door RepairType of Door: You will have to decide which type of garage door will be best for your situation. You’ll be able to choose from various types of garage doors, steel, aluminum, wood door, glass, fiberglass, etc. The least expensive type of garage door (good quality) will typically start at around $500 and go up from there. By consulting with a garage door professional prior to installation, you’ll be able to gather information about each type of door. Take the time to make sure you know what you’re getting before you buy it.

Style of Door: There are types of doors and within the type of door you like there are various types of styles. The style you choose may have windows, panels, various color options and more. Some styles even help save you money in energy expenses due to their level of insulation. The style of door you choose will also impact the price of the door. The standard, single panel door will cost the least amount of money. The more decorative the door is, the more the door will cost.

Automatic Garage Door Opener: There are not as many garage door openers offered, as there are types and styles of doors. This is good news because deciding on which type you’ll use won’t be as complicated. You can expect your garage door opener to range in price from $150 to approximately $350. This price may even include the cost of installation. If you select certain features, it could increase the cost by $50 for each additional feature.

Garage Door Lighting: We often have homeowners that request exterior lights at the same time we are installing their door. This helps minimize the cost when the job that the electrician has to do is combined with what they are already onsite to do. Save yourself a little money by considering having this job performed at the same time we are installing your garage door.

When you are about to have a new garage door installed, you should be familiar with the cost of the job upfront. You should know what you are being quoted for and what you are not. Some parts of the installation process are just standard and may not be listed in your estimate. We feel that as the homeowner, you should be aware of all that goes into creating an estimate for your garage door installation. A little research, in the beginning, will save you money and give you peace-of-mind in knowing that you can cover the expenses prior to the start of the job. There is nothing worse than starting a project and then realizing that you can’t complete it due to lack of money. We make sure that you know everything you need to before we step foot on your property to handle your installation.

Here are some of the fees that you may find included in your garage door installation estimate:

Equipment fees and materials delivered to your home. Transportation or courier fees may be charged to get the equipment and materials from one place to another.

Pre-installation preparation. This involves preparing the area where the installation is to be performed. The technician may need to do something to protect the existing structure so as not to damage any other areas of your home.

Cleanup cost once the job has been wrapped up and your garage is now ready for use.

Installation fees include the labor fees associated with the actual garage door installation. Some services may charge you an hourly fee while another one might charge per job. All installation fees are generally discussed prior to final payment.

Homeowners pay for the inspection and permit fees. This is something that you may be required to pay for in whole or in part.

You may also be charged sales taxes based on the supplies used in the job.

While we can’t be certain that some service providers will not be willing to negotiate with you, we are pretty sure that most of the aforementioned services will be administered and paid for by the customer. In addition to the aforementioned services, you may be required to pay for some things that we have not mentioned. Every service provider will have specific fees and are able to charge you according to what is customary in the area you live. No matter the cost is; you should always have a good idea of what you will be expected to pay. Make sure you know what percentage of the fees you will have to pay for certain and how many you may need to add an additional percentage on top of. The most important thing that you can do is to make sure you receive a written estimate with a signature on it. Just remember that most estimates are only good for a specified length of time. Refer to the date before you hire someone to install your garage door. The fees may have gone up since you first received your estimate.